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Exclusive Importer of Mystic Island Winery
1   time 在新加坡!

China wines have gained tremendous popularity domestically and internationally. Located in Shandong, between Beijing and Shanghai, on the eastern coast, is Mystic Island Winery whose goals are to live in harmony with nature, respect the soil and terrain, and produce high-quality wines. ''We work tirelessly to ensure every bunch of fruit from every vintage is of the highest quality so that our wines are a true reflection of our Fairy Island vineyards'' says the Founder & Director Rita Cheung.

This is Mystic Winery's maiden entry into Singapore and A Rich Globe is the proud importer and distributor. Customers in Singapore who tasted it for the first time are truly impressed and satisfied with its flavor and quality. 



宜湖干紅年份 2018
2018年生產的益湖干紅葡萄酒是由40%品麗珠、 33%梅洛、 22%赤霞珠和5%小維多混合而成。它呈明亮的寶石紅色,散發著濃郁的藍莓、黑莓和其他漿果的香氣,混合著橡木、煙草和香料。

口感平衡,單寧緊實,礦物風味適中,橡木陳釀,複雜而有質感。  搭配烤肉、烤牛肉、燉菜、醬肉、烤雞的理想葡萄酒、烤鴨和其他肉類、硬奶酪、堅果、

What our customers say:

"Finally got to open the wines last night...both the white and red were really good..."    Tony (SIN) Sept '22

"The reserves range are very good..."   Kevin (HKG) Sept '22

"My wife likes the white a lot and I like the red, both taste unique with good flavor and natural sweetness...."     Justin (SIN) Oct '22

"I am impressed, one of the best I've tasted...."  Lan Hua (SIN) Oct '22


The 2018 vintage is the "First Harvest" of Mystic Island Winery. Carefully selected grapes are hand-picked and destemmed without crushing to reduce phenolic extraction from the seeds. The growing season provided warm ripe fruit flavours throughout the red varieties. The wine is bright ruby red in color, with rich blueberry and blackberry aromas combined with oak, tobacco and spice notes. The palate is medium-bodied and well-balanced. The grainy tannins and minerality provide support and freshness to the palate while the oak aging adds complexity and texture. Alcohol level is 13.5% vol.

介紹價:S$ 93.00

大華銀行卡:20% 折扣

益湖霞多麗幹白葡萄酒 2018
This chardonnay is winner of 5 international wine tasting competitions!

The 2018 vintage is the "First Harvest" of Mystic Winery and the Chardonnay was carefully hand-selected and treated with care and attention through every stage of processing. The body is bright lemon yellow, full of complex and pleasant fruit aromas such as white peach, white pear, citrus and grapefruit, with subtle yeast complexity. On the palate, the acid is balanced and fresh, combined with moderate texture and weight from lees stirring and finishing with a touch of minerality.

介紹價 S$ 93.00

大華銀行卡:20% 折扣


The Yihu Reserve collection are its premium range of wines that undergo stringent selection, processing and ageing. Crafted to satisfy the most discerning of taste palettes, the Reserve range is the perfect choice for entertainment and enjoyment of fine wines.,